AMP Ghidra Achievements

Under the Assured Micropatching (AMP) program, we’ve improved the Ghidra decompiler through a series of improvements to decompilation and Ghidra itself. Below, you can find a list of the most notable ones.

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  • A data serialization format as well as asynchronous data sharing between decompilers (Ghidra, IDA Pro, Binary Ninja, and angr decompiler): BinSync

  • A common programmatic interface and type lifter for decompiler interaction: LibBS, which powers decompiler tools such as AI based variable renaming

  • Directly interacting with Sleigh/Ghidra P-Code in Python: Pypcode

  • A control-flow graph structuring algorithm that’s gradually making its way into Ghidra: SAILR

  • The most advanced variable name prediction solution in decompiled code: VarBERT with a Ghidra plugin

  • Full support for lifting from Sleigh/Ghidra P-Code in angr and angr decompiler.